I'm a programmer currently making mobile games and other interactive software at AppGeneration. I hold a Masters in Informatics and Computing Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto.

I also used to do research on biofeedback applied to videogames — you can check the demo and published work here.

Unreleased mobile game — 2016
iOS and Android
Made with Unity

El Dorado mobile game — 2015
iOS and Android
Made with Unity

Kids App Maker — 2014–now
Mac OS X, iOS and Android
Editing app with Cocos2d-x and Cocoa

This is a collection of some of my game jam participations, and other games-related projects that I have been involved with during my free time.

TubTub To The Rescue!
(Game jam prototype, 2016)

(Game jam prototype, 2013)

GameLoading: Rise of the Indies (Portuguese translator, 2015)

(Portuguese translator, 2013)

As part of my Master's degree, I wrote a thesis that explored new ways to use biofeedback in videogames — namely, through the combination of multiple physiological sensors to activate different game mechanics. Examples of these sensors are heart beat, electromyography or respiration.

This project was supervised by Professor Rui Rodrigues and PhD student Pedro Alves Nogueira at FEUP.

You can know more details and see the list of published materials here.

The following video was used in the Student Game Design Competition for the 2014 CHIPLAY conference.

In the last years I have been working mostly with:

During college I have also worked with UDK (and Unrealscript), Python, SQL, Prolog, PHP, and Scheme.

If you have any questions about my work, or want to say anything nice or to make a critique — feel free to drop a word! I can also be found at the following places: